I, Robot.


I recently realised that I often struggle to differentiate between what I’m thinking, and what I am feeling. When asked a question, I find myself giving a logical response based on a generic understanding of what my mind perceives as being a suitable response when I am faced with a question about how I feel.

This has opened up other questions and all of a sudden I am unsure of whether I truly love, think I love, or plant love within my mind and watch it blossom.

Do I spend my life living in robot mode?

Am I overthinking?





Here’s my mama bear and I in Goa, India. My mum tells this story every time it goes like this.

“You looked at me Sineadie and said, mummy what is that on my head I can feel

It was the sun, it was beating down on your head & giving you heatstroke I didn’t even realise because you looked so happy… ” ❤️


Kindred Spirits

Do you ever meet someone who you feel you are instantly connected to? Almost like you both exist on a transcendental level & when you speak to each other, your surroundings become silenced and your time with that person just feels so naturally fulfilling. Silence is comfortable. Laughter is inevitable, and there is a frequency which you are both attuned to, and that frequency becomes even more apparent every time you feel that person gravitating towards you, to the point where every encounter leaves you feeling as though you are aligned for a purpose?

Maybe this is merely a trait of being a highly sensitive person.

Maybe it’s the universes way of signalling souls who carry sparks from the same fire towards one another.

God, grant me serentiy


Here is a desert island disc music list I created for when I’m in need of serenity.

1. Sampha – Like The Piano

2. Kwabs – Perfect Ruin

3. Laura Mvula – Green Garden

4. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues

5. Solange – Cranes in the Sky

6. Florence and The Machine – Falling

7. James Blake – Retrograde

8. Sting – Fields of Gold

9. Lianne La Havas – Green and Gold

10. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

11. Björk – Venus as a Boy

12. Angela Bofill – Under the Moon and Over the Sky

13. Bon Iver – I can’t make you love me

14. The Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze

15. Ghost Poet – Us Against Whatever